Introduction of a limited edition: Replica Audemars Piguet Shaquille


Introduction of a limited edition: Audemars Piguet Shaquille
Besides having a great design that perfectly mimics the authentic replica watches, knowing few people own one gives me a nice feeling. I must admit I have a passion for limited edition watches, especially if we’re talking about a fake Audemars Piguet. Also, from all the AP timepiece collections, the Royal Oak is truly one of a kind. The watches from this collection have a masculine feel. But now, let’s go in the details and talk about my newest acquisition and one of the best replica Audemars Piguet. They are hefty and look great on a man’s wrist. Some of you may agree with me when I say that it even gives you a sense of power.
Possibly, the most iconic element of this fake Audemars Piguet is the octagonal bezel. It’s attached with eight hexagonal screws and gives it a casual, sporty look. The combination between the polished and brushed steel gives it an expensive look and makes it look heavy. You might say that you can find the same details on a Hublot watch, but I beg to differ. On an Hublot timepiece, for example those from the Big Bang collection, the screw are randomly attached. The bezel is made from brushed steel, but it also features polished elements on its sides that you can see in the below picture. In my opinion, a timepiece looks better when everything is symmetrical. It gives it a cleaner, more linear look. I don’t know about you, but paying just over a couple of dollars for a well-made replica Audemars Piguet Shaquille is a much better option than paying a fortune on a real one.
The dial, as you may know, features another trademark element for this collection. I am talking about the mega tapisserie pattern. Talking about its weight, it’s just right. It’s big and bulky, just what I like in a watch. The original Royal Oak Offshore Shaquille O’Neal comes with a black dial. Even so, I must say I like it more with a white on. The contrast is higher and the design elements of the dial actually stand out. This is one of those high quality replica watches where plenty of attention was given to the details. You can clearly see the sub-dials, the numbers and the hour and minute hands.

This replica has a Quartz movement. The sewing is perfect and the red stitches actually stand out on the black background. Even though some of you may prefer an automatic movement, I think thee Quartz one is just as good. From my experiences with Quartz movement watches, I can say that they are very precise. The leather strap is quite impressive for a replica. I actually like how it feels and from the smell you can actually tell it’s genuine leather. You won’t find yourself in the situation of having to set the time. That’s why my practical side actually appreciates it.
Audemars Piguet Shaquille -The Fold
Summing things up, this limited edition Audemars Piguet Shaquille is a nice addition to my collection. Overall, I am pleased with it. The bulky design is spot on and makes it my kind of watch. The prices for an authentic Shaq start from somewhere around $20000 and go up to $100000 for a blinged one. I like its masculine feel and the way it looks on my wrist. It’s heavy and the details look good. With the proper care this is the kind of high quality Audemars Piguet replica that will last for a while.
The minutes and hours hands are very pronounced with a considerable luminescent coating in the center while the seconds hands is very slim and long and has an irregular red tip. This very resistant material has a stunning shine and a high durability. It features the specific Avenger gradations and numeral markers: 15 at 3 o’clock, 30 at 6 o’clock and 45 at 9 o’clock. Of course, at 12 o’clock there is the iconic white luminescent dot.
It’s been a while since my last Audemars Piguet replica watch review, but I have a new one for you guys. And it’s not just an ordinary one, it’s about the replica Audemars Piguet Shaquille. Yes, you got them right, the limited edition Royal Oak Offshore Shaquille O’Neal. Obviously, these aviation style white hour markers are very simple to clone, but there are some particularities that merely a trained eye could observe. As a big fan of AP replica watches, it was about time to get myself one of these babies. And I have all the reasons to get excited about it. You will see why.

New partnership of replica Omega and the PGA


New partnership of replica Omega and the PGA
Omega first entered into a strategic marketing and sponsorship agreement with the PGA in 2011. The replica swiss watches company will continue to serve as the official patron and timekeeper of the PGA for another eight years beginning in 2015.In 2016, the two companies announced they had elevated their partnership to an “elite” status that elevated Omega from official partner to official patron.
The details on the replica are so delicate that there is basically nothing to distinguish it from the original watch other than the extremely reduced price. Swatch Group-owned watch brand replica omega has extended its partnership agreement with the Professional Golfers’ Association of America and now will be the organization’s official timekeeper until 2022. The replica watch is deeply attractive under lights, the range of finishes means the watch demonstrates a complexity that belies the design which, on paper at least appears simple.

In accord to the Omega, the new long-term cooperative, including advertising on golf telecasts at PGA championship events, marketing support for PGA player development efforts and support for the organization’s members and their facilities, as it is the official timekeeper of the PGA Championship, will continue to improve the brand’s history in sports, Senior PGA Championship presented by KitchenAid, PGA Grand Slam of Golf, Ryder Cup (when held in the United States), PGA Professional National Championship and PGA Golf Properties. Some replica watches tend to stand out through brand name, others through durability and others through an out of this world design.
The watch brand as well recently released a new TV commercial for the U.S. starring Irish golfer and Omega brand ambassador Rory McIlroy, produced for the watch company’s partnership with the PGA Championship. Omega President Stephen Urquhart said, “Omega has long supported the growth of golf as a global game, and our involvement in the premier events organized by the PGA of America, including the much-anticipated 2014 PGA Championship, has given us a fantastic platform to develop the brand in the important American market.”The details on the replica are so delicate that there is basically nothing to distinguish it from the original watch other than the extremely reduced price.
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Introduction to Rolex Valjoux 7750: an new Asian movement


rolex-daytona-mechanism-white-surface-38mm-watch-rd3877-37 rolex-daytona-mechanism-white-surface-38mm-watch-rd3877-37_1 rolex-daytona-mechanism-white-surface-38mm-watch-rd3877-37_2 rolex-daytona-mechanism-white-surface-38mm-watch-rd3877-37_3When I asked the owners, they were ok with getting rid of the running seconds gears, and then freeze the subdial since this’ll make the watch function a lot better and more reliably. Smart move. When people ask about the Rolex Daytona line, I always saw the identical thing – forget about the one with the running seconds hand at six, they’re always a problem. 11 gears in one movement is just too much of a strain.
All glory for this article goes to Ziggy, who took his time to bestow upon us his knowledge of the new at that time (circa 2012) Asian 7750, a copy of the Valjoux 7750. Yes, Valjoux, not ETA. As I said, this is a chronograph movement and is often times found in Breitling replicas and in the replica Rolex Daytona watches, among many others. The movement was meant to handle all that – think of a four cylinder engine being used in a big truck. Sure it’ll genuinely work but it’ll fail fast. That’s just based on I’ve seen in this trial.
Some are saying that recently there’s a new spirit infused into replica watches – a machine spirit known as the Asian 7750, with an ancestor in the ETA 6497-2 Chinese copy movement. I know I posted something related some while ago, genuinely long time ago, but I desire to go over this theme again. The Asian 7750 is not a B or B1, but is a whole new breed. Its finish, its fit, its reliability, everything about it will appeal to replica watch enthusiasts – particularly its 8 ticks/sec since it’s a 28,800BPH (BPH/VPH – beats/vibrations per hour) movement, as opposed to the previous, which were either 18,800BPH or 21,600BPH. For one thing, the finish is just incredible in comparison to the 7750B and the 7750B1. This one should probably be called a 7750A+ if you ask me.
Notice that this one comes from a Rolex Daytona replica that has the running seconds located at 6 o’clock. I know that we’ve covered this theme before, but you know how they say, repetition is the mother of learning. As I’ve stated before regarding the design of the Asian 7750 movement at the time the ETA-powered version was released, it seems like it’s just too tall of an order for the movement. Putting eleven gears thus you can operate all the sub-dials is bound to cause headaches and problems. Since I’ve seen many ETA-powered Daytonas in my shop and have not been capable to fix them (though I have been capable to at least freeze the sub-dials), I just can’t imagine how the layout can function better what with the fundamental problems between Asian-powered versus Swiss-powered movements. In some cases, it would be a fine concept to a step further and enlist the assistance of a trained professional in determining whether your watch is authentic or not. But my tinkering lead to some interesting discoveries.
Pictures and Details
Pretty nice-looking. This movement was genuinely brought in to me was just because it didn’t wind when it was in auto-mode. Let’s take a look at what the Asian 7750 is made of. Following are pictures and descriptions of what I found inside, which was totally dirt- and fragment-free! When I took off the case back, the rotor just fell out – it had broken off the bearing basically.
The replica watch was also left for servicing which is there is no doubt that a very fine concept – the owners knew what was wrong, could get it fixed, might as well take a look at the rest, and they knew it would be a long before they’d need anything else done to it, so. Pay particular attention to the detail on the dial and date wheels. Is there any unevenness? This is a tell-tale sign of an inferior replica IWC watch. When you know how troublesome an Asian 7750 movement can be it’s a fine concept to do some pre-emptive fixing.
Cannon Pinion Improvement
On this watch, the canon pinion isn’t lubricated, like all the other ones, but it had a lot of friction – as much as a Valjoux 7750. My first breakdowns of these models revealed some common problems always – no oil and lots of dirt, a bad cannon, and merely 12-hour wheels. This totally surprised me there is no doubt that. If you look at the clutch of the cannon pinion you’ll see that it’s superbly crimped and all-around better than any before it. Just a note – ETA/Valjoux cannon wheels can’t be exchanged for the Asian versions – if that were possible, I wouldn’t be in business.
Nothing was lubed up, and even worse the cannon wheel was way too loose – no friction, which means the hands start to run behind while the seconds are always accurate. After using the watch analyzer, I reworked the rate and the beat – the load changed both of them but it was not as bad as it was at first with the heightened friction. The problem seems to have been solved. The gears were reinstalled and the movement’s been working for two days.

buying guide: A Bell & Ross Replica Watch


bell-amp-ross-black-dial-and-blue-marking-watch-34 bell-amp-ross-black-dial-and-blue-marking-watch-34_1 bell-amp-ross-black-dial-and-blue-marking-watch-34_2 bell-amp-ross-black-dial-and-blue-marking-watch-34_3It’s time to post the third Review, starring Harry and his Bell & Ross replica. That’s why, when spending a big part of your hard earned money (or inherited, stolen, nobody cares these days), you should always make sure you get exactly what you pay for. If you desire a replica, get a replica Watch, but if you’re after a genuine, make sure it’s exactly that. So, without any dilly dallying, let’s see what he has to say.
“Hello Thomas,
I bought this Bell & Ross BR01-92 replicas from website, two years this November. I can merely say it held up dazzling, considering what it’s been through. I desire to share with you and your readers a few things about my Bell & Ross replica. You can see very well that it has some scratches, particularly at the corners of the case and the screws, but the glass is perfect, no damage. I’ve been wearing it every day and I am a very outdoorsy, active guy. I’ve been wearing it every day and I am a very outdoorsy, active guy. The rubber strap also held up very well. The rubber strap also held up very well.
My Bell & Ross replica is an automatic, Japanese quality, but as far as functionality, I have to say I’m very happy with it. So, here we are, half way to the finish line, merely two more user reviews to go! I never had any problems, since I rarely take it off. Or better, you can easily label it ‘next to impossible’. The longest it’s been off my wrist is almost two days and when I put it back, it was still going. I also did a test to see how well it keeps time, the reference point being my iPhone. It might not look pretty at first sight, but deep-down it’s beautiful. It loses about a minute per week, but from what I’ve heard, you can fix this with an easy adjustment. I won’t do this by myself, I will take it to a watchmaker, I desire to clean it anyway and have it serviced, just to make sure it keeps working the way it did thus far. I don’t know what more could you desire from a watch, mine surely is a keeper.”
Thank you Harry for your website review and fine luck in the contest!
Who’ll win the Swiss Rolex replica? Now that you know how to spot fake watches, you will not get hustled when after a genuine one. But if you buy a replica and wear it, there is no doubt that, can other people tell it’s a fake? Like I said, there are some pretty bad ones out there, but there are also some really dazzling replica watches too. Anyway, that’s a theme we’ll have to expand in another post.

introduction to a new edition of Replica Hublot


hublot-white-surface-red-bracelet-women-watches-hb2655-72 hublot-white-surface-red-bracelet-women-watches-hb2655-72_1 hublot-white-surface-red-bracelet-women-watches-hb2655-72_2 hublot-white-surface-red-bracelet-women-watches-hb2655-72_3Replica Hublot Watches are coveted with regard to their bold designs, tremendous utility and impeccable archaeologist. There is perhaps no finer example of the convergence of these features a single luxury watch than the Big Bang Tourbillon. All watches in this series feature large 44-millimeter cases in a number of sensational styles.
It has the Jungle Camouflage dial that comes in green black and brown tones with green steel Arabic numbers; the contrasting black sweeping seconds hand come with an interesting H tail, luminescent black steel skeleton hour and minute hands, jungle camouflage chronograph sub-dials at 3 and 6 o clock and jungle camouflage sub seconds dial at 9 o’clock. Hublot replicas let you keep your limbs and not lose face in front of your family and friends; the quality of replica Hublots are genuinely pretty good, for the most part. It also has a date display window between 4 and 5 o’clock.
Thus the normal answer to this would be to genuinely buy a replica, but there are fine and bad replicas out there and it’s significant to see how much they differ from the genuine watch when buying one. There can’t be any random stopping of the hands. As soon as these two tests are passed, we will start selling it through our website. Here we have two watches put side by side, one is a replica and the other is a genuine watch. It might sound sort of silly, particularly if you’ve always been focused on looking at products only, but a problem focused company is the one that will ultimately make more money. The next difference is on the side where we can see the grey buttons; however, on the genuine watch the buttons and the crown are black.
We are one of those replicators, but there is no chance that we are going to be going out of business any time soon. Why? We put a lot of effort into our Hublot replica watches, thus much thus that a lot of people can’t tell the difference between our Hublot watches Replica and the genuine ones. That’s the first test it has to pass. The second test that it has to pass is the fact that our watches have to work perfectly.

Guide for Christmas Buying

Not more words, I just can’t wait to show you our Top 7 Chronographs of 2015.
Replica rolex Yacht-Master ref. 116655 with Everose gold on Rubber Strap
There are things in the watchmaking industry that I’m usually not really fond of: rubber straps, gold watches mixed with black ceramic or rubber and Rolex watches (not because they are not good – they are outstanding products – however, due to that they are overseen). Nevertheless, a recent phone conversation between me and Frank (our Editor-in-Chief) about this Rolex Yacht-Master ref. 116655 (the new one in Everose gold and on Rubber Strap) ended-up to this usual “I have to have one”…
This strap is a piece of engineering made to be comfortable: it supple, smooth, pleasant to touch and balanced (thanks to these flappy parts under the strap) but also extremely flexible and rigid at the same time. Well, I’ll again have to say it: I have to have one… Price: 21,700 Euros.
Details to be read here. The Oyster-Flex rubber strap is a revolution at Rolex copy watches for sale(and at first, we all thought it was nothing more than another rubber strap). But, we’re at Rolex and when they do something, they do it like no-one else. Further, you’ll enjoy the hyper-innovative in-house / antimagnetic / chronometer movement. Its name is Yacht-Master, Rolex Yacht-Master… and you probably won’t forget it.
Richard Mille RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal
You certainly always thought that playing tennis or golf with a mechanical watch was risky. Richard Mille proves that a delicate and super-light tourbillon watch can resist to Rafael’s services – or to a 5000g force…The watch is constructed like a Formula 1, with a monobloc chassis to resist to shocks. The entire movement weights 3.35 grams but is finished to the perfection and features a tourbillon.
Even if priced at nearly 800k (yes, 800k), the RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal is not even a sports watch anymore but a timepiece planned for sports, to the requirements of one of the greatest actual tennis players and tested on field, during major tournaments. The goal of Richard Mille when collaborating with Rafael Nadal is to push boundaries, to break the rules, to set new limits.

It is watchmaking to the highest level but still, you can wear it in almost every situations.Or better, you can easily label it ‘next to impossible’. On the wrist it wears comfortable, the steel bracelet can be adjusted (and micro adjusted) to fit your wrist perfectly. And that is, again, the only complaint we have. White gold is heavier, less resistant to scratches (especially compared to the hard 904L steel that Rolex uses) and it is 20k Euro more expensive.
Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition
When a watch turns itself into a movie-star, it becomes the Omega Seamaster 300 SPECTRE Limited Edition. Or better, you can easily label it ‘next to impossible’. In order to better fit its new character (being one of James Bond 007 best ally), The SM300 endorses a new actor’s suit: new bezel with 12-hour scale (instead of the typical 60-minute dive scale), new dial with larger logo (and not 12 index anymore, making the dial more balanced in the flesh), new military-inspired lollipop second-hand (don’t forget that Bond is a military commander) and a new NATO strap (inspired by the original RAF strap worn by Bond in Dr. No). What doesn’t change nevertheless is the overall quality of the construction, with a case and a bracelet made to the perfection, with plenty of details and distinct execution (polishing, brushing, chamfering) all perfectly realized. Is it still a sports watch?
Even if technically identical to the normal Seamaster 300 (fully reviewed here), this Spectre Limited edition has a slightly distinct feeling on the wrist – and it looks properly good. Well, I have to admit it, but even if made of pink gold, matched with a black ceramic bezel and a black rubber and if being a Omega, I love this new edition. Why? Not only because it looks good, with its reasonable size and its matte black bezel, with polished numerals, but also due to that it wears extremely well. Price: 6,300 Euros, limited to 7,007 pieces. All the details in our exclusive review and photoshoot here.
Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R-001 – Rose Gold with Chocolate Dial
As you may know, the Nautilus is born in steel, to fight against traditional gold watches… it now comes in full rose gold, with a chocolate brown dial! Whatever, the new Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R-001 looks superb. The combination of this warm material with the dial is a faultless.This full gold edition of the Patek Philippe Nautilus is an heresy. Why? Simply because it goes against everything the Nautilus was, when designed by Gerald Genta and launched in 1976 – meaning a sports watch in stainless steel made with the same quality as all the other Patek watches and priced even higher than these simple, elegant dress watches. It depends on the way to wear it (and we clearly encourage you to mix it with a pair of jeans and sneakers). Price: 44,580 Euros. For more details, read our in-depth article here.
We’re talking about dive and sports watches. And here is our buying guide focused on the best Dive / Sports watches of 2015. We showed you yesterday, our Top 7 Chronographs of 2015, a category that we believe to be one of the most important of them all… “One of”, yes due to that there’s a second one that must be regarded as pretty damn important, first because this category certainly represents the largest portion of sales for most brands and also because that’s the one collector cherish most.

PHOTO Review of Replica Omega Globemaster

omega-watches-1279607892-33Some of the most famous collections include the Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation. This includes the small star you can see on the dial, as well as the fronts, the fluted bezel, and the designs of the hands, inspired by the models from the 1960s. Several have said that it’s similar to a Rolex design, but Omega has used the fluted bezel before, on other replica watches for sale.
I must say that I didn’t expect to like this style so much. I’m more into big watches that have a masculine. My collection of watches includes several bigger sized models that have a casual look. That’s why I had to add a more elegant design and this one is just right. I had to choose from a Rolex Cellini and this Omega. Lately, I had to participate in several events that required more elegant outfits. I chose the Co-axial replica watch in the end. I found it more suitable for my style. Omega one of the best-known luxury watch brands. Its popularity even crossed the space borders. Since I don’t have several elegant looking watches, I recently bought one, a replica Omega Globemaster and of course I had to write a replica review about it.
The Co-Axial Globemaster was inspired by the Omega Constellation watches. The Globemaster was launched in 2015, and it caused a stir at Baselword. The numerals are represented by stylized lines and the dial also features a date section.The design reminiscences some of the most famous Constellation models. It has a formal style combined with a sporty feel, probably given by the fluted bezel.
This watch is one of the nicer dress Omega replica watches. The design of the Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is inspired by the one of some Constellation watches. The pie-pan dial is an interesting detail. The dial looks very clean symmetrical dial. The dial features three different fonts.
That means that the dial is not flat, and it’s similar to the bottom of a pie pan. It certainly is a vintage feature. The good thing about that is that you won’t need to worry about replacing the battery like in the case of the Quartz powered watches. What I really like about this watch is the finishing. It’s mostly brushed, but it also combines with polished elements. On the side opposite the crown, you can notice that a large portion of brushed steel melts in the polished details. It’s the perfect combination among an elegant watches and masculinity.
This watch comes with both a leather strap and a bracelet. I chose the leather strap version because it looks dressier and that’s what I was looking for. But that’s something that makes me like it more.The leather strap feels nice, and it balances the case, which by the way it’s a bit bigger than I thought. Overall, this replica watch has a nice feel. It’s thinner than most of my watches and definitely a different look. One thing that’s not identical to the original Co-Axial is the strap closing mechanism. The authentic one features a clasp. Luckily, once it’s secured on my hand, it’s not even something noticeable. It feels like it has a good weight and it has a nice look.
This Omega watch features Japanese automatic movements. The only misfit is the closing system, but it’s such a minor details no one will notice. That means that, instead of functioning on battery power, the mechanical movements rely on winding a spring, the ‘mainspring’. When you move your replica watch, the spring creates and transfers energy through other springs. This is how the watch is powered.
I’m very happy with the way this replica Omega Globemaster looks. It looks just like the original version. Even though dress watches aren’t my favorite ones, this Omega has changed my view on them. If you take good care of it, it can last for a long time. This watch keeps a good time, and I didn’t notice it gaining more than 10 seconds in the past few days since I have it.

Review of the Top Replica Bvlgari Watches



The pushers and the crown look just like the ones on the original. Also, the dial elements look just right. The only downside is that the 3 o’clock chron and the 6 one are switched. Nonetheless, the marking on the are correct, so, unless, you’re a connoisseur, you won’t see the difference. The combination among the rose gold and the black details looks great. It really highlights those details, and, in the same time, it keeps everything simple. What I also appreciate on this design is the see-through back case.
This top contains 3 of the best replica Bvlgari watches. I wanted to choose very diverse models to show to you because Bvlgari offers variety and a top of three different watches was the best way to show it to you. It’s time for my top 3 and this time it’s for some cool replica Bvlgari watches.Bvlgari is a brand slightly different than the other watch brands. It offers particular design and some of them are easy to recognize as Bvlgari. I think that these watches attract a different crowd of watch lovers and I am one of them. Since these models are so particular, it’s harder to find good replicas made after them. Bvlgari has released some interesting models lately and I was lucky enough to get my hand on a few of some of the best Bvlgari replica watches.
The Bvlgari Assioma replica watches come with a unique shape. These watches aren’t the most expensive ones, they are priced between 3 and 4k. Even so, I think that a good replica is a better choice than paying all those money. Since I really like them and I consider them top watches, a top Bvlgari watches was needed. So, here it is. This replica has a well cloned case shape and the scratch-proof crystal glass is well built into it. The case and the bracelet and made from brushed and polished steel. The bracelet closes in a hidden clasp. Luckily, I have a few sources where I can always find good-looking and high-quality replica Bvlgari watches.
I’ve set the Bvlgari Caron replica watches for men on the second place on my top. The Bvlgari Gerald Genta is not one of the most popular watches, but I loved its design and that’s why I got it. Due to its design and high-quality I left the first place for this watch. This watch was bought by one of my friends and a gift for his father and he loved it. The Gerald comes in a different shape and has an interesting design. It features some cool lines and a bulky design. From all the replica Bvlgari watches I found this one to be the most attractive and it also looks great on a men’s wrist. All these are great and deserve to be in this top 3. The case finishing looks good and it really gives it an expensive look. The case matches the rubber band and it creates a nice contrast. This timepiece features a rose gold plated crown, markers, hand and numbers.
The dial looks good, even though it doesn’t replicate all the details you can find on the original. This watch is powered by a Japanese automatic movement which I found to be reliable and to keep time well.It’s hard to find a Bvlgari wrist watches for men that replicates all the details on an authentic, especially when there are so many. The seconds hand at 6 o’clock has a nice sweep. Even though it’s not the perfect copy of the original, it’s a high-quality replica.
The original piece is automatic and this replica has Japanese automatic movements. The seconds hand sweeps nicely and it makes it feel authentic. This is a well-made replica watches and I appreciate its design and precision. This Gerald Genta deserves the first place because of its unconventional shapes and interesting design.