PHOTO Review of Replica Omega Globemaster

omega-watches-1279607892-33Some of the most famous collections include the Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation. This includes the small star you can see on the dial, as well as the fronts, the fluted bezel, and the designs of the hands, inspired by the models from the 1960s. Several have said that it’s similar to a Rolex design, but Omega has used the fluted bezel before, on other replica watches for sale.
I must say that I didn’t expect to like this style so much. I’m more into big watches that have a masculine. My collection of watches includes several bigger sized models that have a casual look. That’s why I had to add a more elegant design and this one is just right. I had to choose from a Rolex Cellini and this Omega. Lately, I had to participate in several events that required more elegant outfits. I chose the Co-axial replica watch in the end. I found it more suitable for my style. Omega one of the best-known luxury watch brands. Its popularity even crossed the space borders. Since I don’t have several elegant looking watches, I recently bought one, a replica Omega Globemaster and of course I had to write a replica review about it.
The Co-Axial Globemaster was inspired by the Omega Constellation watches. The Globemaster was launched in 2015, and it caused a stir at Baselword. The numerals are represented by stylized lines and the dial also features a date section.The design reminiscences some of the most famous Constellation models. It has a formal style combined with a sporty feel, probably given by the fluted bezel.
This watch is one of the nicer dress Omega replica watches. The design of the Omega Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer is inspired by the one of some Constellation watches. The pie-pan dial is an interesting detail. The dial looks very clean symmetrical dial. The dial features three different fonts.
That means that the dial is not flat, and it’s similar to the bottom of a pie pan. It certainly is a vintage feature. The good thing about that is that you won’t need to worry about replacing the battery like in the case of the Quartz powered watches. What I really like about this watch is the finishing. It’s mostly brushed, but it also combines with polished elements. On the side opposite the crown, you can notice that a large portion of brushed steel melts in the polished details. It’s the perfect combination among an elegant watches and masculinity.
This watch comes with both a leather strap and a bracelet. I chose the leather strap version because it looks dressier and that’s what I was looking for. But that’s something that makes me like it more.The leather strap feels nice, and it balances the case, which by the way it’s a bit bigger than I thought. Overall, this replica watch has a nice feel. It’s thinner than most of my watches and definitely a different look. One thing that’s not identical to the original Co-Axial is the strap closing mechanism. The authentic one features a clasp. Luckily, once it’s secured on my hand, it’s not even something noticeable. It feels like it has a good weight and it has a nice look.
This Omega watch features Japanese automatic movements. The only misfit is the closing system, but it’s such a minor details no one will notice. That means that, instead of functioning on battery power, the mechanical movements rely on winding a spring, the ‘mainspring’. When you move your replica watch, the spring creates and transfers energy through other springs. This is how the watch is powered.
I’m very happy with the way this replica Omega Globemaster looks. It looks just like the original version. Even though dress watches aren’t my favorite ones, this Omega has changed my view on them. If you take good care of it, it can last for a long time. This watch keeps a good time, and I didn’t notice it gaining more than 10 seconds in the past few days since I have it.

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